How Technology has enhanced Home Health care

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Technology in Home Health care sector has enhanced it in terms of both quality and feasibility. In today’s world, it has conquered almost all the Industry. Any sector you name it, technology has reshaped the way it was working. We no longer stand in queue for booking movie tickets nor we call the restaurants to deliver the food anymore. Everything came handy with increasing mobile apps and reduced data costs.
The consumer behaviour have changed in every industry, is the healthcare industry an exception? People book online appointments with doctors. Medical practitioners have moved towards electronic medical records long back. Even patients started to demand their records and started to maintain it digitally.
The senior population in India is ever growing and the percentage of elderly people, classified as those above 60 years of age, is expected to go up in India from 8% in 2015 to 19 % in 2050 according to UN. “Time” is what we do not have, each one is consumed in their own spheres and have hardly any quality time to spend with their parents. In some cases, they live abroad and travelling all the way down here becomes expensive and not a timely solution anyhow.
Technology in Home Healthcare
This increasing demand for quality care at the comfort of home, has made way for surge in home health care providers in India. Though many entrepreneurs have started venturing the home health care market, there is still lot more elders lacking quality care. But being a successful home care provider is entirely different from being a home care provider.
Most of the providers face the problem of handling their day-to-day operations and managing caregivers, a tedious task. Not to blame them, they cannot avoid it when working in an unorganized sector. Home health care will be organised with government interference and insurance covering the costs someday. But how many home care providers will be able to see themselves with brand value for quality care at that point it the real question.
The key problems the home health care providers face starts from managing the patients enquiry. It continues to maintain the schedule of the patients and match them with the right caregiver. Managing the reporting time of every caregiver at the patients location is another big issue, thanks to the rising traffic of the urban areas.
In spite of providing adequate care, timely communication of elders health status with son/daughter of the patient adds up another layer of work for the home care providers as most of them are abroad. Not to forget, managing the huge pile of bills and payment receipts which is a tedious task when done conventionally. We might even miss out certain payment records and no use in questioning the front desk manager when its already missed.
Being a pioneer and an award winning Home Health Care Software in India, we at Caring Elders Technology, have found technology can enhance home health care operations and introduced the solution for all these problems. The home health care provider can finally focus on providing quality care and improving patient retention without any operational problems to handle. With so many happy customers, it is evident that we can help any home care provider to implement technology and reduce paper work without any up-front investment and reduce manpower for managing the operations.
If you feel we have left any issue unanswered, we will be happy to listen and answer your queries. Kindly get in touch with our executive today.

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How to start a Home Healthcare agency?


Do you have this question running in your mind?


If you are someone who is looking to start a Home Health Care business, then this is the right time. Home Health Care is one of the largest growing businesses and has expanded its boundaries over a short span. The Indian Home Healthcare market has been frugal and is continuing to grow.


how to start a home healthcare agencySo what exactly is Home Health Care?


Home Healthcare can by itself define two broad things. One, medical home health services provided to people in the comfort of being at home. These services are provided by skilled professionals, nurses and so and includes nursing services mostly. On the other hand, there are non-medical services such as companionship, maid services, housekeeping to aid and ease the lives of senior citizens.


Therefore, at first you might have to define and understand the scopes of the service that you are going to provide. Thus a lot of ground work goes into this just like any other business. One must lay out a proper business plan, do extensive research about the market and the players in it, foresee its trends a few years down the line and then make a firm decision of stepping into the market.


Talking about providing care at home, it essentially means that this industry revolves around the patient in need and providing services at his/her convenience. In this patient-centric industry, there needs to be careful planning and structure to keep it running smooth.


Just like a house would need a strong foundation, we need to lay the metrics on which we are going to build our business.



The future of Home Healthcare in India


Indian being the second largest country with Geriatric population with some States having just the Elderly as the sole occupants, home healthcare becomes a necessity. India has almost 88 million people above the age of 60 and not all the needs of this category of people be full filled within the traditional limits of an Hospital. With our healthcare infrastructure soaring up, the costs incurred to treat long-term problems are un imaginable. Also, certain procedures require most holistic approach such as treatment of cancer, which can be administered at home.


Although, there is a huge need for Home Health services, much of this sector still runs un-organised. Another woe that the emerging and existing home healthcare providers face is that there is no insurance coverage for the services availed through Home Healthcare. And this very reason pushes away majority of the crowd.


However, with this sector’s pace and need today has already knocked doors. More insurance companies will come forward to extend services to Home Healthcare in the near future.


Challenges in starting a Home Healthcare


Starting a new Home Healthcare is not a cake walk and not necessarily suit everyone. It is a business that combines strategic expertise and the compassion to serve people. If you are not someone with a desire to care for your fellow man, then this might not be a right decision on the long run.


Before setting up, there are a few challenges to be considered.


  1. Distance – Home Healthcare services are patient centric and requires the caregiver to travel to the patient’s place at the patient’s comfortable time to be provide the service.


  1. Technology – Although most Home Healthcare today manage their operations conventionally, over a period of time as the organisation expands, there comes a situation were handling large volumes of data and its processing becomes difficult and more dedicated personnel are hired to take care of this. This deviates the organisation’s main motive – to be able to provide quality care to their patients. But thanks to the modern technical advancements that has allowed effective management of these operations through software and applications.


However, this best suits when adapted at an earlier phase rather than on the later stage.This adaptation to technology in the beginning paves way for a “process” and a strong foundation on which your homecare business can operate.


Now that we have understood the base and what the future holds for this Home Healthcare industry, let us consider the other factors that actually play the dominant role once we have decided to set-up our business.


Expense :


“Expenses” shoot up to the top of the page while drawing out your business plan. Let us list the expenses that should be met to set out the plan.


In order for one to provide quality service, good staffing and technology has become important. We need specialised equipments that match the quality of service provided at the hospitals, at the same time cost effective. Now, that there has been enough awareness among people about Home Healthcare and the considerable shift in the population that has chosen homecare over availing services at hospitals, a home healthcare cannot compromise on the quality yet provide it at a minimal cost. This shift in trend is ever growing due to the increasing population and the rising number of senior citizens who require dedicated attenders to aid them for their daily routine.


Basically, you would need to concentrate on the equipments, hiring professionals, rent a place for office set-up. It is now time to decide the cash-flow, if you are going to partner with someone or take up a loan etc.,


Geography :


Before establishing, let us analyse the trends and patterns of people during the past and about each medical service that has been prominent in different areas. Basically, we are understanding the different needs of different people and mapping it with the resources available with us. We can then decide which geographies to provide our services to. Ideally you can set up the office location central to these geographies.


Staffing :


The most essential and crucial part is in hiring the most suitable fit for your organisation. As, the growth of any Home Health industry completely depends upon the quality of care provided and hence it becomes your biggest responsibility to hire highly qualified professionals and thoroughly conduct background checks. This in turn will improve the service quality, reduce thefts, increase trust among your patients.  In other words, they represent your organisation and choosing the best is important as it reflects the name of the organisation.


Another option would be to, have tie-ups with other organisations who are specialized in certain services and pull employees on contract basis. Again, we will have to make sure that it is a reputed organisation.


Marketing :


Now that we have covered our basics and ground work, we now need to expose ourselves to the market. Devise new marketing strategies and make yourselves visible to the people.


Primarily, you can set up a website and use it extensively to lay down all the services provided by you. “Trust” is a key factor that attracts your clients, thus find ways to instill trust among your patients. Additionally you have give out advertisements on social media such as Facebook, join forums and groups associated with your industry, post useful information constantly.


Most of your trusted clients come in referrals, so “word of mouth” is very important. What your patients feel about your services is important as they go on to suggest people they know to contact you only if they have had a satisfying experience.


Create a brand of your own and stand out from the crowd. Finding ways to capture that special place in the market is the key to withstanding in this competition in the long run. And most of this comes from the quality of care that is provided.


Get exposed to the outer world. Attend trade fairs, conferences and events where you get an opportunity to meet Physicians, Equipment vendors, Nurses and other owners of businesses. Networking is important as is in most business.



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