Care-giver Hiring and Retention in Home Health Care

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Hiring the right Home care giver has always been a challenge Home Care Providers face. Although, you have put together the best set-up possible, reached the people about the services you provide but do not have the right “care giver”, then running the Home Health care show is not easy. Care givers are the pillars of any Home Care organization as they are the bridge that connects the patient and the organization. They often represent the organization they work for and thus a good amount of time needs to be invested while they are hired to find the best possible fit.


Hiring right Home care giver

Professional experience :


As a rule of thumb, an efficient and a well qualified person should always be hired to suit the role of the caregiver. The care giver you hire needs to understand the professionalism involved in the process and is required to exhibit that as a member of the team. Sometimes, the personal experience they have had may also help them take care of the Elderly.


Empathy :


 This certainly has to be a criteria as the job of a care taker is different from any other job role. It requires compassion as this mostly deals with Elderly patients and patients suffering and the care giver certainly needs to be able to understand those feelings.


Flexibility :


 More than any other job, the role of a caregiver burgeons mostly on flexibility. They need to be available round the clock as one cannot be sure of the needs of the different patients. Some patients may need care in the mornings and others during the night. Thus, the care taker should be someone who is ready to take up all these calls with no complaining.


Although you hire caregivers, there always comes a point in this business that the organizations face a shortage in caregivers. Either the patient count and needs increase tremendously and the Home Care provider is not able to make the ends meet as the demand for quality care givers is always high. And in some cases, the existing caretakers do not stay with the same organization for long and keep making jumps between many, sometimes for that extra cash and sometimes if they are not happy with the organization.


How does one take care of Care-giver retention ?


The true success of any Home care agency relies upon the care givers they have and they cannot afford to lose them. There are a number of ways to improve caregiver retention and it requires a multifaceted approach and not just increasing the wages.


  1. The Home care agency needs to provide other competitive benefits other than just increasing the monthly wages as this makes the choice of the leaving the organization less likely.


  1. Incorporating effective training sessions – this helps them in a number of ways as they can continue to learn and grow and there is an opportunity of continual education which is a very good offering and makes it hard to leave the side of organization.


  1. Use efficient match making tools – a good software system in place that takes care of scheduling the best caretaker to the patients ensure good terms for both the patients and the caretakers. This further establishes a good foundation and brings a sense of confidence and trust that the organization always strives to provide the best quality care to the patients and their satisfaction is of prime importance to the organization.


  1. Coordinating and encouraging good communication between the office staff and the caregivers on the field. This helps reduce chaos situation and ensures smooth functioning of organization. Further, mobile applications can be employed to help these caregivers keep track of their appointments and stay well informed of the schedules ahead of time. Also this helps implement an efficient system in place for communication between the internal staff and field members and avoid mis-communications.



But this system of caregiver retention is not a one-size fits all. What may work for your organization may not suit an other organization well. But, these may just help you start experimenting and find the best solutions on the long run to run a Home Care service effectively.


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When all your Health Records and Updates are just a click away

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Health records and updates on your finger tips.


Ask How ? Let’s sort it.


Is it not very convenient for all of us to have things delivered which only requires a click/touch on our smart phones? When food, groceries, clothing etc., can all be delivered this way, then why wait or visit a clinic to get our hands on our very own medical records.


Yes, the seemingly increasing technology has brought to our door-steps our very own health data and updates in the form of Electronic Health Records. For children who are living abroad and want to keep tabs on their parents’ health condition, pay their medical bills, keep track of the doctors and caretakers visiting them, know about the different care that has been given to them in their absence, there needs to be a system through which they can easily monitor.


Electronic health records



This is where an exclusive portal comes into play through which all such data can easily be administered. By logging into this “patient portal” , it is not only the responsible party(son/daughter in most cases for the elderly; spouse in some cases) that gets to view the data but the patients themselves can keep track of their health data.






Home Healthcare has gained so much momentum in that, people have realized the cost effectiveness of treating oneself from being at home for most procedures since it cuts down the additional costs spent over hospital room,bed charges etc.,


Now, this portal can benefit Home Healthcare agencies in numerous ways. There is reduced number of queries over phone regarding their appointments, upcoming schedules, bills, medications etc., All the data are made visible through the portal, which can also be installed and used on the Android mobile phones. Additionally, the details of the Doctor/Nurse attending the patient for the day and their time of arrival can be intimated to the patient by triggering an SMS and E-mail.


Hold on, even if all essential data are made available, do all of us know how to administer certain simple procedures or medications by ourselves without taking an other person’s help. No, we do not want to depend on people all the time. Educational videos can also be included by the Home Healthcare Provider to help their patients.


Bills/invoices are generated with ease based on the different treatments availed and billed to each patient. An SMS/E-mail is triggered even at this point and sometimes a few days prior to the bill date so that the patients have an heads-up about their medical bill approaching.


All our day-to-day activities are made much simpler with just a few clicks. This in turn reduces the burden for the Care provider as well.


Caring Elders Technology Pvt. Ltd. provides a Patient Portal through its SaaS product paving way towards making things at both ends easier, in turn simplifying the  Home Healthcare operations.


Call us today for a free demo. Visit us at

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