Care-giver Hiring and Retention in Home Health Care

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Hiring the right Home care giver has always been a challenge Home Care Providers face. Although, you have put together the best set-up possible, reached the people about the services you provide but do not have the right “care giver”, then running the Home Health care show is not easy. Care givers are the pillars of any Home Care organization as they are the bridge that connects the patient and the organization. They often represent the organization they work for and thus a good amount of time needs to be invested while they are hired to find the best possible fit.


Hiring right Home care giver

Professional experience :


As a rule of thumb, an efficient and a well qualified person should always be hired to suit the role of the caregiver. The care giver you hire needs to understand the professionalism involved in the process and is required to exhibit that as a member of the team. Sometimes, the personal experience they have had may also help them take care of the Elderly.


Empathy :


 This certainly has to be a criteria as the job of a care taker is different from any other job role. It requires compassion as this mostly deals with Elderly patients and patients suffering and the care giver certainly needs to be able to understand those feelings.


Flexibility :


 More than any other job, the role of a caregiver burgeons mostly on flexibility. They need to be available round the clock as one cannot be sure of the needs of the different patients. Some patients may need care in the mornings and others during the night. Thus, the care taker should be someone who is ready to take up all these calls with no complaining.


Although you hire caregivers, there always comes a point in this business that the organizations face a shortage in caregivers. Either the patient count and needs increase tremendously and the Home Care provider is not able to make the ends meet as the demand for quality care givers is always high. And in some cases, the existing caretakers do not stay with the same organization for long and keep making jumps between many, sometimes for that extra cash and sometimes if they are not happy with the organization.


How does one take care of Care-giver retention ?


The true success of any Home care agency relies upon the care givers they have and they cannot afford to lose them. There are a number of ways to improve caregiver retention and it requires a multifaceted approach and not just increasing the wages.


  1. The Home care agency needs to provide other competitive benefits other than just increasing the monthly wages as this makes the choice of the leaving the organization less likely.


  1. Incorporating effective training sessions – this helps them in a number of ways as they can continue to learn and grow and there is an opportunity of continual education which is a very good offering and makes it hard to leave the side of organization.


  1. Use efficient match making tools – a good software system in place that takes care of scheduling the best caretaker to the patients ensure good terms for both the patients and the caretakers. This further establishes a good foundation and brings a sense of confidence and trust that the organization always strives to provide the best quality care to the patients and their satisfaction is of prime importance to the organization.


  1. Coordinating and encouraging good communication between the office staff and the caregivers on the field. This helps reduce chaos situation and ensures smooth functioning of organization. Further, mobile applications can be employed to help these caregivers keep track of their appointments and stay well informed of the schedules ahead of time. Also this helps implement an efficient system in place for communication between the internal staff and field members and avoid mis-communications.



But this system of caregiver retention is not a one-size fits all. What may work for your organization may not suit an other organization well. But, these may just help you start experimenting and find the best solutions on the long run to run a Home Care service effectively.


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Home health care providers started to see increase in patient enquiry because of various reasons. Its good to handle more queries, serve more patients. But this doesn’t come easily and it has its own cost. Managing the schedule of each and every patient. Not to forget the caregivers time management.

Conventional way of Billing

After managing the schedules, then comes the real mess. Lets consider a home care agency servicing 100 patients in a month. Here, some patients might be billed based on care pack while some based on individual schedules. Some may have availed medical devices on rent, for which GST attracts as well. Some patients might have negotiated and availed some discounts. Few patients might be take long term services and hence we may provide monthly billing as a package.

We may have to communicate the invoice amount to son/daughter living abroad or some where else, as they might be the one transferring amount to home care agency. Are we going to send hard copy of the bill via courier? That’s adding the operational cost without any doubt. Wait. Now we have to manage the mode of payment as well! To manage all this tasks, we may have hired 2 to 3 resources and it increases as patient count increases. Now, when managing all this, there is still a possibility of human error. Also, any error when communicating the value to the patient or guarantor affects the brand value as well.

Billing and payments in Home Healthcare


Home Health Care Billing solution

So how do we handle the issuing of invoices and receipts without any hassle ? Home care billing has its own complex nature that needs special understanding. Often, different amounts are quoted to different patients, micro level changes are made at the patient level, medications, lab orders need to be billed separately and so on. It is not an easy task and requires one to understand the complete work flow of the organization.


Most Home Healthcare agencies work with external resources for man-power supply, non-clinical resource supply like the ambulance, hiring an ECG machine etc., These kind of extra charges need to be taken care and maintained when billing for the patient for smooth operations of the home care agency.


For an accountant to keep track of all these is a difficult task. An automated home health care billing solution in place helps overcome all this by giving us the flexibility and ease the entire process of billing. It reduces the risk of human errors and is much efficient as it reduces the man power and the long hours spent for generating reports.


A simple software solution can bring down all the mess and errors. Also the software solution can increase the efficiency of the employees, provide various metrics and reports to analyse the performance of the entity. When operating in multiple cities or locations can be a hassle in conventional way, a home health care management software system can make it a cost efficient one and bring down the operational cost by reducing paper work.
Let’s take another scenario where you need to bill for ten patients that have availed similar services for the same exact amount. Is it not a little too exasperating the office manager has to go through the same pain for over ten times? A good software should be able to lift this pain off our shoulders and CET SaaS product has one such home health care billing solution.
Why can’t a patient download their bill or invoice anytime through the patient portal like we download our purchase invoice from amazon? The digital medical records of the patient is just a click away. The convenience makes the patients delight and this increases the word of mouth for the organisation and not to forget the patient retention as well.

Contact our executives today to fix a free demo session at your convenience. We can help you automating the billing process as we have done for our existing customers.

In the highly competitive world, one can no longer afford to spend much time by manually doing tasks that is of lesser importance, while on the larger scope an organization should be concentrating more on providing quality care and service.


Contact us for a free demo today and realize a work-place which is more welcoming every day.


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