How Technology has enhanced Home Health care

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Technology in Home Health care sector has enhanced it in terms of both quality and feasibility. In today’s world, it has conquered almost all the Industry. Any sector you name it, technology has reshaped the way it was working. We no longer stand in queue for booking movie tickets nor we call the restaurants to deliver the food anymore. Everything came handy with increasing mobile apps and reduced data costs.
The consumer behaviour have changed in every industry, is the healthcare industry an exception? People book online appointments with doctors. Medical practitioners have moved towards electronic medical records long back. Even patients started to demand their records and started to maintain it digitally.
The senior population in India is ever growing and the percentage of elderly people, classified as those above 60 years of age, is expected to go up in India from 8% in 2015 to 19 % in 2050 according to UN. “Time” is what we do not have, each one is consumed in their own spheres and have hardly any quality time to spend with their parents. In some cases, they live abroad and travelling all the way down here becomes expensive and not a timely solution anyhow.
Technology in Home Healthcare
This increasing demand for quality care at the comfort of home, has made way for surge in home health care providers in India. Though many entrepreneurs have started venturing the home health care market, there is still lot more elders lacking quality care. But being a successful home care provider is entirely different from being a home care provider.
Most of the providers face the problem of handling their day-to-day operations and managing caregivers, a tedious task. Not to blame them, they cannot avoid it when working in an unorganized sector. Home health care will be organised with government interference and insurance covering the costs someday. But how many home care providers will be able to see themselves with brand value for quality care at that point it the real question.
The key problems the home health care providers face starts from managing the patients enquiry. It continues to maintain the schedule of the patients and match them with the right caregiver. Managing the reporting time of every caregiver at the patients location is another big issue, thanks to the rising traffic of the urban areas.
In spite of providing adequate care, timely communication of elders health status with son/daughter of the patient adds up another layer of work for the home care providers as most of them are abroad. Not to forget, managing the huge pile of bills and payment receipts which is a tedious task when done conventionally. We might even miss out certain payment records and no use in questioning the front desk manager when its already missed.
Being a pioneer and an award winning Home Health Care Software in India, we at Caring Elders Technology, have found technology can enhance home health care operations and introduced the solution for all these problems. The home health care provider can finally focus on providing quality care and improving patient retention without any operational problems to handle. With so many happy customers, it is evident that we can help any home care provider to implement technology and reduce paper work without any up-front investment and reduce manpower for managing the operations.
If you feel we have left any issue unanswered, we will be happy to listen and answer your queries. Kindly get in touch with our executive today.

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Home health care providers started to see increase in patient enquiry because of various reasons. Its good to handle more queries, serve more patients. But this doesn’t come easily and it has its own cost. Managing the schedule of each and every patient. Not to forget the caregivers time management.

Conventional way of Billing

After managing the schedules, then comes the real mess. Lets consider a home care agency servicing 100 patients in a month. Here, some patients might be billed based on care pack while some based on individual schedules. Some may have availed medical devices on rent, for which GST attracts as well. Some patients might have negotiated and availed some discounts. Few patients might be take long term services and hence we may provide monthly billing as a package.

We may have to communicate the invoice amount to son/daughter living abroad or some where else, as they might be the one transferring amount to home care agency. Are we going to send hard copy of the bill via courier? That’s adding the operational cost without any doubt. Wait. Now we have to manage the mode of payment as well! To manage all this tasks, we may have hired 2 to 3 resources and it increases as patient count increases. Now, when managing all this, there is still a possibility of human error. Also, any error when communicating the value to the patient or guarantor affects the brand value as well.

Billing and payments in Home Healthcare


Home Health Care Billing solution

So how do we handle the issuing of invoices and receipts without any hassle ? Home care billing has its own complex nature that needs special understanding. Often, different amounts are quoted to different patients, micro level changes are made at the patient level, medications, lab orders need to be billed separately and so on. It is not an easy task and requires one to understand the complete work flow of the organization.


Most Home Healthcare agencies work with external resources for man-power supply, non-clinical resource supply like the ambulance, hiring an ECG machine etc., These kind of extra charges need to be taken care and maintained when billing for the patient for smooth operations of the home care agency.


For an accountant to keep track of all these is a difficult task. An automated home health care billing solution in place helps overcome all this by giving us the flexibility and ease the entire process of billing. It reduces the risk of human errors and is much efficient as it reduces the man power and the long hours spent for generating reports.


A simple software solution can bring down all the mess and errors. Also the software solution can increase the efficiency of the employees, provide various metrics and reports to analyse the performance of the entity. When operating in multiple cities or locations can be a hassle in conventional way, a home health care management software system can make it a cost efficient one and bring down the operational cost by reducing paper work.
Let’s take another scenario where you need to bill for ten patients that have availed similar services for the same exact amount. Is it not a little too exasperating the office manager has to go through the same pain for over ten times? A good software should be able to lift this pain off our shoulders and CET SaaS product has one such home health care billing solution.
Why can’t a patient download their bill or invoice anytime through the patient portal like we download our purchase invoice from amazon? The digital medical records of the patient is just a click away. The convenience makes the patients delight and this increases the word of mouth for the organisation and not to forget the patient retention as well.

Contact our executives today to fix a free demo session at your convenience. We can help you automating the billing process as we have done for our existing customers.

In the highly competitive world, one can no longer afford to spend much time by manually doing tasks that is of lesser importance, while on the larger scope an organization should be concentrating more on providing quality care and service.


Contact us for a free demo today and realize a work-place which is more welcoming every day.


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When all your Health Records and Updates are just a click away

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Health records and updates on your finger tips.


Ask How ? Let’s sort it.


Is it not very convenient for all of us to have things delivered which only requires a click/touch on our smart phones? When food, groceries, clothing etc., can all be delivered this way, then why wait or visit a clinic to get our hands on our very own medical records.


Yes, the seemingly increasing technology has brought to our door-steps our very own health data and updates in the form of Electronic Health Records. For children who are living abroad and want to keep tabs on their parents’ health condition, pay their medical bills, keep track of the doctors and caretakers visiting them, know about the different care that has been given to them in their absence, there needs to be a system through which they can easily monitor.


Electronic health records



This is where an exclusive portal comes into play through which all such data can easily be administered. By logging into this “patient portal” , it is not only the responsible party(son/daughter in most cases for the elderly; spouse in some cases) that gets to view the data but the patients themselves can keep track of their health data.






Home Healthcare has gained so much momentum in that, people have realized the cost effectiveness of treating oneself from being at home for most procedures since it cuts down the additional costs spent over hospital room,bed charges etc.,


Now, this portal can benefit Home Healthcare agencies in numerous ways. There is reduced number of queries over phone regarding their appointments, upcoming schedules, bills, medications etc., All the data are made visible through the portal, which can also be installed and used on the Android mobile phones. Additionally, the details of the Doctor/Nurse attending the patient for the day and their time of arrival can be intimated to the patient by triggering an SMS and E-mail.


Hold on, even if all essential data are made available, do all of us know how to administer certain simple procedures or medications by ourselves without taking an other person’s help. No, we do not want to depend on people all the time. Educational videos can also be included by the Home Healthcare Provider to help their patients.


Bills/invoices are generated with ease based on the different treatments availed and billed to each patient. An SMS/E-mail is triggered even at this point and sometimes a few days prior to the bill date so that the patients have an heads-up about their medical bill approaching.


All our day-to-day activities are made much simpler with just a few clicks. This in turn reduces the burden for the Care provider as well.


Caring Elders Technology Pvt. Ltd. provides a Patient Portal through its SaaS product paving way towards making things at both ends easier, in turn simplifying the  Home Healthcare operations.


Call us today for a free demo. Visit us at

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