Release of Version 2.3

11 October 2018 Leave a comment NewsRoom

Monday, October 08, 2018, Chennai, India – Caring Elders Technology today released its newest Version 2.3, upgrading the existing features and launching the new GPS integrated mobile app for Doctors and Nurses. With GPS integration, it is now possible to track the visit made by the employee. The visit start and end timing are matched with the patient’s geo-code to verify the visit. The location match is also flagged (matched, un-matched and geo-code not found) to understand if the location and the geo-code is a perfect match. Further, the visit start timings are flagged as “early”, “on-time” and “delayed”.


The Application eases the work at both ends, the admin and the employee on field. The various steps to be followed while providing the service to the patient is now fed into the Application as “care tasks” and the Nurse/Attender on field now just has to follow these steps, at the end of which a “digital signature” is taken from the patient/patient’s responsible party to acknowledge it.


The medications, can now be prescribed on spot by the Doctor and a copy of it will now be available on the patient’s portal.


We have built this mobile application to facilitate ease of work and to help Home Health Care organizations deliver services much more efficiently in an all-in-one.


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